Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Party Warily Prepares for the Toad

With Lothar, Engelhart and Mikael responding, the present position is now this.  I would understand at this point that half the party would probably not wish to enter into a combat with the toad according to an ad hoc post deadline, but I did want to force myself to stay focused.

For the moment, the toad shows no interest in advancing ~ perhaps because Rob and Lothar did not fall back.

The salve is fine, Lothar.  Roll a d4 and add that number to your present hit points.

Consider your withdraw spell cast, Engelhart.  I think there may be an issue I'm seeing in the spell description: where it reads, "The cleric may take any action which does not break the 5 ft. diameter bubble that's created ..." this is meant to indicate that the bubble surrounding the cleric is static and does not move with the cleric.  The spell should state that more clearly; note it does not say anywhere that the spell will move with the cleric, as it would indicate what the limit would be on the cleric's movement if that were the case.  I have not altered the spell at the moment, and won't until I hear from you.

Sorry if I'm second-guessing you here.  Earlier comments you made seemed to suggest you had planned to use sanctuary to move through the gate.

It is the player's move; those that do move can state whether or not they're prepared to go forward if we don't hear from the whole party.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Turning Back from the Gates

As the party begins to move away from the gate, keeping an eye open of course, the toad will begin to hop forward, slightly advancing on the party.  As the party reaches three hexes from the gate, the toad will close the distance to seven hexes total (from nine before).

The toad does move towards the wide gate.

[I am sorry, I have made an error that has arisen from the break and my memory having too many things to track.  I'd like to retcon something.  This gate IS the gate you saw in the vision; with wooden doors fifteen feet high and each seven feet wide. The doors are wide open. The bottoms of the door are frozen in place and cannot be moved. There is nothing to prevent the party from moving through the wall and deeper into the cavern ... from beyond there are sounds of croaking: a hollow, resounding echo, that never ceases ...


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Snow Gate Round 4 ~ the Toad is Smacked Around

There, nice and big.  The blowing snow continues to make the toad hard to see, but the snow devil is making a mess of it.

As Embla approaches within two hexes of it, however, she feels as if she's opened a door into a cold outdoors as a freezing blast rushes against her, clearly emanating from the toad.  It is almost a solid thing.  She takes 1 point of damage as frost sinks into her hands and face.

Apart from that, the party is free to act.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Snow Gate Round 3 ~ the Toad is Hurt

The party has this move in hand.  Go ahead and act as you will.  Please don't forget that dagger roll, Mikael.  And remember, Engelhart; the dust devil moves only one hex per round, but it will attack if it is adjacent to the creature.

X.P. so far:

Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Toad Shows Contempt

The hex numbers on the map have been adjusted due to Mikael's decision to move back [moving 3 hexes would have cost him 4.5 AP, with the note I made after, so I moved him back 2 hexes, saving the 2 AP Mikael asked for].  I forgot to add a red line to indicate the move [sigh; out of practice].

The toad merely moves to the left of the whirling "snow"-devil, letting out a loud croak.  A gas cloud emerges with the croak, obscuring the toad for a moment before it is sucked up into the snow-devil.  The toad takes no other action.

The party can move again.  This means Engelhart can take a second attack.  Lothar and Embla did not make a move with the last post [that I saw].  I'm just going to rule that, given that they had plenty of time, that the opportunity passed them by.

Everyone has the freedom to act as they will.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Snow Drift

Taking the moment where Embla has seen the open gate across the windswept snow-covered floor of the cavern, the assassin realizes that something is amiss.  Frozen from the march across the lake, the chilled sweat on Embla's body, she is a might slow on the uptake ~ but her eyes focus on a nearby three-foot snow drift.  As she stares at it, unsure and with concern, after several seconds the snow moves and falls away ... and Embla sees a huge eyeball, as large as a cantaloupe, robin's egg blue in color with a vertical iris that's pale yellow.

Whatever it is, the rest is hidden under the snow; the eye's lid is all that moved, so it is all that is revealed.

Embla is not surprised, but she does not necessarily have the initiative, either.  The eye is close; no more than ten feet away.  For the moment she stands as still as she can in the slicing wind; but at some point she will have to test her speed against whatever is under the snow.

I will remind you:  Engelhart is two rounds away; the cleric's arrival could in a bit more than 20 seconds could ignite something.  Rob Munro is right behind Engelhart.  Then Mikael, who has time to hurry along, with Lothar close behind.

I will make an image for this, though that will eat time so it will have to wait until Wednesday; I want to see what Embla does, first.

Move and roll a d6 for initiative.  Wait and see what happens.  Decide what else you might do.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Lake's Edge

Long before Embla has to walk 500 yards, the height of the cavern ceiling above here will slope until it is only about 150 feet up.  The narrower space will seem to put an end to the blustering snow.  After moving about 250 yards from the party (who, I presume, will make efforts to keep Embla in sight), the wind will drop until the snow is swept across your knees and shins but your visibility becomes clear.

From here you can see the far edge of the lake, another 200 yards away.  There a humps of snow piled upon rocks, forming shapes that are twenty or thirty feet high, about a 3rd of the way to the cavern ceiling, a hundred feet above the lake's edge.  The ceiling continues to slope downwards, until it meets something that might be an enormous grate-like wall ... perhaps another 50 yards past the lake's edge.  You cannot see the bottom of this grate, only the top where it meets the cavern ceiling.

There is nothing you can see that is moving or gives any sign of being alive.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Stars in Retrograde

Players, I don't want to suspend the campaign, but for the next few days things are pretty much up in the air for me.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, I'll be working my second day at my new job.  Thursday, I'll be working my last day at my old job.  Friday, I have a friend going into surgery and I have promised to be with him before and after, so I'll be at the hospital all day.  And Saturday I'll be at my new job again.

At the moment, I have no set schedule yet, but I've been promised full time, five days a week, so this is going to be a period of adjustment.  When I do have a reliable schedule, we can work something out ~ but I won't have access to the game at work and I won't have time to dedicate a continuous 14 hours a week to the campaign.  It only means that we'll spread the campaign a little thinner, and move a little slower.

I do know that I won't be leaving for my job until 10 AM my time, so that's Noon EST and 6 PM for Engelhart.  So we can probably arrange to get some time some mornings, and some time on my days off, whatever seems to work best.  I'll keep you all posted.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ice Lake Round 23 ~ Nearly Over

I have only one attack; it is still against Lothar.  I hit with a 13, causing 2 damage.  That will stun Lothar and leave him in 1923.

Following the party's move, they're both dead.  Here's the final experience:

Ice Lake Round 22 ~ The End of a Long Fight

Three attacks.

Against Engelhart, I roll an 8 and miss.

Against Mikael, I roll a 5 and miss.

Against Lothar, I roll a 7 and miss.

Easy peasy.  The party can act.

Ice Lake Round 21 ~ Mopping Up

Once again, 1623 attacks Embla, rolling a 16.  It hits for 3 points, which stuns the assassin.

Engelhart is attacked from the front and the rear.  1723 attacks with a natural 14, missing.  1725 attacks with an adjusted 14, +2 from the rear, also missing.

Lothar is attacked by 1826, moving from 1827.  The larva rolls a 7 and misses.  The larva in 1926 rolls a 9, also missing.

There are no other attacks.

And the new positions after the player's turn:

And experience so far:

Ice Lake Round 20 ~ Scattered Mayhem

Embla, isolated now, is attacked from 1623.  The larva rolls a 2, missing.

Engelhart is attacked from 1823, which rolls a 5, missing.  And also by 1723, moving from 1624.  This larva rolls a 9 and misses.

Lothar is attacked by 2025, which rolls a 4 and misses.  He is also attacked on the flank by 1926, which rolls a modified 11.  Also misses.

Mikael is not attacked.

Rob is attacked by 1725, which rolls a 17, hitting the druid for 2 damage.  That will stun and push him into Mikael's hex.

The party can act now, excepting Rob.

Following the party's action, the positions are as follows:

And experience so far: