Friday, May 26, 2017

The Froglings Give a Beat Down ~ Round 3

The froglings in 0707 and 0807 atttack Lothar and Pandred, while the frogling in 0610 will leap and attack Valda with spear.  Each creature attacks with spear and teeth.

0707 is enormously successful, hitting AC 1 and AC 3 with Lothar.  The spear cuts Lothar's shoulder for 4 damage, while the creatures' teeth grab his sword and give his sword-arm a wrench, for 3 damage more.  Although the spear point is clearly made of stone, the blow felt like sharp metal to Lothar's skin.  Because the blows are treated independently, neither are enough to stun the ranger.

0807 does just as well against Pandred, this time hitting AC 3 and then AC 1 (I rolled exactly the reverse on both dice).  And then I rolled the precise same damage, causing 4 damage with the spear and 3 damage with its teeth.  This time, Pandred felt the creature's teeth on her knuckles, while she was hit with the butt-end of the spear.  Again, she isn't stunned.

0610 leaps from the tree, gaining +1 to hit attacking from above, and hits Valda twice also: AC 3 and AC 0.  Valda takes 6 damage from the creature's bite and then 2 more from its spear.  The first hit will clearly stun the follower.  She is thrown back into Bergthora's hex.

Here is the present position:

Willa and Petar would have loaded their bows last round.  Willa can't fire from 1 hex away, however, and she has nowhere to step back to.  So she must pull a weapon and attack, else she will have no armor class against the creature when it attacks again.  So, being an NPC, this is what she did.  Petar can fire from 2 hexes away.  Embla and Bergthora are engaged; Bergthora will pus Valda into 0711.

After the party has moved, here is the position:

And here is the earned experience, thus far:


Lothar Svensson said...

Lothar attacks the frogling that attacked him with his longsword.

Attack: 3+1(Bless)=4
Damage: 2 (not that it matters, but I rolled them at the same time...)

Fjall moves into hex 0905 (2 AP, I believe) and will swing his shortsword at the frogling in 0806.

Attack: 17+1(Bless)=18
Damage: 1 (woo)

Bergthora will likewise attack the frogling in front of her with shortsword.

Attack: 13+1(Bless)=14
Damage: 3

Alexis Smolensk said...

Both Fjall and Bergthora hit; Fjall actually stuns his opponent, pushing it back into 0706. Bergthora does not.

Oh, before I forget, Oddsdrakken gets the crossbow to its 2nd round of being loaded. The last round will need to be done by a larger person.

Alexis Smolensk said...

For the record, I've created a rule for weapons becoming entangled in foliage:

Engelhart Askjellson said...

I jump down to 0806 and press the attack, hoping to dispatch this one in short order - using my special ability to absorb fall damage if needed.

[Not that I think we're in any kind of trouble, this combat seems open and shut in our favour].

Attack Roll: 18.

Damage Roll: 2.

Alexis, a doubt: previously we had to contend with the fact that creatures with multiple attacks were more difficult to stun, but this seems to not have applied this time, at least with my direct opponent. Oversight or deliberate?

Lothar Svensson said...

I'm digging the foliage rule! Not that I'm looking forward to having to deal with it personally, but it's quite elegant with the AP system.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Do remember that the trip from 0906 to 0806 is leaping down off the rock, which I had said was 7 feet above the path. BUT . . . I will rule that since you're jumping off the end of that platform, it is only a four foot distance, so no need to make a dex check to avoid taking damage. But do be careful!

The attack hits, and stuns again. The creature falls back into 0607.

Stunning against creatures with multiple attacks may have SEEMED not be applied, but I assure you it has been. These creatures have two attacks when using spears; so 1/3rd of their hit points must be caused in order to effect a stun. That has happened in every case where the creatures have been stunned in this combat.

Engelhart Askjellson said...

Okay, good to know. That means my hit on the enemy, despite not being a killing blow, definitely subtracted its remaining attack.

Embla Strand said...

Willa will drop her shortbow and draw her handaxe, attacking the creature in 710. 7+1(bless)=8, with 3 damage.

Petar aims and fires at the frog now in 607. That's a 2 to-hit [shit] and 1 damage.

Embla drops her javelin and attacks the creature in 710 as well, rolling a natural 20 and dealing (6+1[Str])*2=14 damage.

Pandred said...

I think I ought to be stunned.

I have 16 hp at maximum, and the first blow did 4.

If I'm not stunned, I swing the battleaxe at the frog in 0707.

To-Hit: 2 (+4 Str, Battleaxe, Bless, Male) Total 6

Damage: 5 (+3 Str) Total 8.

For my last AP "Stay close, Oddsdrakken!"

Alexis Smolensk said...


Willa misses. Petar's attack creases Embla (friendly fire), causing 1 damage to the assassin, but not stunning.

Your natural 20 completely stuns the frogling, but as there is a conifer behind it, it does not get knocked back a hex. It is still alive and still fighting.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Is that all, Pandred? Then yes, I'm afraid you are stunned. I'll drop you back into 0908. The creature would have advanced to 0808, had I known, but we'll let that one go.

That's the lot. I'll get the next post up forthwith.

Alexis Smolensk said...

See the post above for an update of the party's ending position and experience.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The next post is up.