Monday, March 27, 2017

Only One Left ~ Round 8

The one remaining frog will being by slashing at Bergthora.  The frog misses.  And misses again with it's horn.  It has just 4 AP, because it was partly stunned last round, needing only 1 AP each for bodily attacks, so it has just enough to get to 1014, whereupon it faces Bergthora and Embla.

The party's move (comments below) kills the last of the creatures.  Here is the final tally of x.p.:


Lothar Svensson said...

Bergthora attacks!

Attack roll: 1!
Break roll: 6!

Bergthora fades back to 0911 to make way for Lothar.

Lothar moves up to 0913 and attacks frogman A.

Attack: (Natural)20! Follow up d20: 7
Damage: 5x2=10.

I think we're done here.

Engelhart Askjellson said...

In case that is not sufficient, I move to 1013 and swing:

Attack Roll: 12 (+1 Bless) = 13.

Damage Roll: 4.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I am going to have to institute some rules to stop this sort of thing. I can think of two easy ones:

1) that two different combatants cannot attack out of the same hex in the same round at the same creature. There are obvious time issues there.

2) that the nearer combatant in a combat is entitled to attack first, regardless of who attacks first on the internet. This should have been Embla, instead of Engelhart maneuvering around a 90-degree turn to attack a creature he can't even see at the start of his move.

But, I know you are just playing by the rules I've set up this far and I will change nothing at this time. Strange that in 9 years of play, I've never seen this sort of tactic. I wouldn't have any problem with it, except that it really makes no sense. IF Bergthora missed, then flew away, why would this creature that is now without any actual combatant holding it to the melee hex willing to stand there and wait while Lothar rushes 15 feet, pushes past a person moving at the same time in the other direction, or else through a hex occupied by Embla that Engelhart is also moving through simultaneously. Logically, there ought to be a huge pile up somewhere between 1012 and 0912, where all of the party experiences a collision and takes damage, while the frog skips away.

Come to think of it, I think I'll also institute this rule:

3) If two persons moving in combat cross paths in a formerly empty hex, both must make a dexterity check or else a collision occurs.

These rules do not apply during this combat, so . . .

The two attacks from Lothar and Engelhart are enough to knock the creature into unconsciousness (it is not dead yet), while Bergthora collects her weapon from 0912, where it bounced.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Oh, I should make this clear. Argue with me if you feel these rules are invalid.

Embla Strand said...

No, the corrections make sense. While I'm happy we've been able to do a lot of hitting with relatively little risk, it feels rather loophole-ish, especially since we are all operating at the "same time". We'll need to figure out some formation fighting stuff for hallways, then, to avoid the collisions.

I attack the critter with my axe: 15+1(Bless)+1(Str)=17 to-hit, and 4+1(Str)=5 damage. We should be done here.

Alexis Smolensk said...


Have a look at my Helpless Defenders rule. Your last blow kills the creature without the need to roll a "to hit" die. Your final hit kills it.

I've updated the final tally of x.p. It appears on the post above.

Lothar Svensson said...

I've hit level 2!

Pandred said...

Just over halfway now, I'm on my way up!

With victory in hand, I return to the elevator, retrieve my crossbow and return to the party.

I only want to know if we're going to kill what's in the next room, or if we intend to parlay if possible with whatever has been kept down here.

Also, I don't think we ever actually put those statues outside the hall into the elevator to ship up as treasure. I want to put forward that suggestion again.

Lothar Svensson said...

It's a d8 for Ranger hit points, yes?

Engelhart Askjellson said...

I've reread Alexis' description of the pedestals and begun wondering.

"...resting on pedestals of moderately different heights ~ 34, 38, 43 and 46 inches tall. The stones are, as I said, oval figurines; each is of an animal, but as the carving is not deep into the stone, the animals are more representations than realistic carvings. The first, on the highest pedestal, has the body of a bear but a head that might be a stag or a ram."

It seems to me like the first pedestal refers to the creature just beyond the reinforced door, what do you say?

I'd tamper with that one last, in case it unleashes the beast on us or something. Starting with the others might have some interesting effect (or none at all...).

[Chuckling at the thought, I actually wouldn't even put it past these being the actual Hp totals for the beasties...]

Alexis: I check the bodies for anything unusual, valuable or otherwise. I also check the door to see if it'll hold.

Pandred said...

Could be. Some sort of Great Horned Owlbear, in which case: FINALLY, my crossbow!

The creature ran out of steam pretty swiftly, and this barred setup is...intense. I almost wish we'd let one of the frogs go to see what they were on about.

Could be a prison for them. Doesn't feel like, with the information we have, they are guarding the tomb above. Maybe there's something beyond, and the first sarcophagus was merely some sort of dummy to distract looters like us.

Either way, I'll put away my crossbow and start by attempting to lift the 43 inch statue onto the elevator.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I've put up a new post. I will answer this last comment from Pandred there.