Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Creatures Spring ~ Round 2

The expression of the creatures in the room clearly indicates that they intend to slaughter the party.  Never has it been so obvious, as their faces twist into grimaces of hostility and intent of murder, as frightening as rabid dogs.  They begin to move upon the party . . .

But even as they do, there is a fierce roar that erupts from behind the door ~ there is something big there, something unfamiliar.  Even Engelhart's beast knowledge cannot identify the creature that made such a roar ~ but then, much of his knowledge is from lectures and books, lacking a certain amount of auditory or perceptive confirmation.  It sounds like a beast to the cleric.

The four creatures, as I said, turn on the party:  

While two creatures rush Lothar and Pandred, the thing in 0809, like a frog, leaps towards the head of the toad sculpture, kicks off with its foot and lands in 1011, where it attacks Bergthora.  You've never seen anything like it in all your experience as 1st and 2nd levels.  The thing horns Bergthora, causing 5 damage, hurling her into hex 1212.  It misses raking her with its claws.

The one creature that was partly hurt slashes at Embla with one claw, hitting AC 3.  It causes 2 damage.

Lothar gains +1 AC from the chest, which is between him and the frog humanoid that attacks out of 1010 ~ but it is no matter.  It goes low for Lothar's legs with its horn, miscalculates and snags the corner of the chest, rolling a natural 1.  This unbalances it and the creature loses its claw attacks for the round.

Finally, the last creature horns Pandred, hitting AC 2.  Pandred takes 4 damage (does it stun?).  The creature attacks with both its claws, but Pandred manages to fend those off with her shield.

With the possible exception of Pandred, the party may now take their move: here is the position after the enemy's attack:

Following the party's move, the map appears as this:

The x.p. totals should be as follows.  Please correct me if I've forgotten any damage caused or taken.


Lothar Svensson said...

We did put the bar back on the door, right? I don't think whatever is back there wants some frogs for his snack...

[Yowza, what a rush of adrenaline I got reading the description!]

I will attack the frog thing that tried to get me, in 1010.

Attack: 12+1(Bless) = 13
Damage: 8

I hope that hits...

Is Bergthora stunned?

Lothar Svensson said...

I'll interpret the big red "No Crossing" symbol over her as a yes...

Alexis Smolensk said...

The attack hits, Lothar, doing much to turn back the creature's next attacks (but not quite). It remains in its hex, feet gripping the floor as it is not fully stunned. You feel the pressure as its blows come fast and threatening.

Bergthora is stunned.

Alexis Smolensk said...

[regarding the door, with all the confusion, I never interpreted the door as being opened. Engelhart took the pins out but replaced them. But I never acknowledged either the pins removed or the bar lifted, as I was still interpreting the exact intent of the party. Assume that until I confirm something, it hasn't actually happened]

Lothar Svensson said...


That's something at least... Thank you for the clarification.

Embla Strand said...

[Adrenaline, indeed!]

I draw my battleaxe and attack the creature in 1211: 18+1(Str)+1(Bless)=20 to-hit and 6+1(Str)=7 damage.

Pandred said...

I'm stunned. Even at full hp, it would have gotten me good. Down to 10.

If a 13 can hit though, I think I may just chance it with the Battleaxe. I won't have better odds to hit in this lifetime.

Engelhart Askjellson said...

I'll move into the spot where Pandred stood, drawing the hammer and striking enemy A.

I roll a 17(+1,Bless) = 18.

Damage roll comes up a 1.

Crud. Slim pickings, but it should serve to draw attention.

Pandred said...

It's fine, I'd prefer to surround and annihilate Toad B anyway, so this works out perfectly! Nowhere to run from my terrible axe!

Alexis Smolensk said...

Embla, that attack hits and stuns the creature. Engelhart's blow also hits.

Working on updating the post above and then the next post.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The post above is updated.

The next round is up. I may do another one today, I don't know. Working on other projects.