Friday, June 30, 2017

A Tunnel Bends to the Left

Engelhart finds that there is a tunnel, ten feet wide, rough hewn, that bend to the left.  This is more or less what he can see from his location; the nearby floor of the tunnel is slippery, but since he has room to recover from a short jump, there's no chance of his falling.  He's succeeded in skipping his way over the rocks.


Pandred said...

Good job handling the frog. I'll clamber down to 0411 and retrieve my axe if possible on the way.

Embla Strand said...


I fetch a spear. I'd like to see how deep this pool really is - it would be good to know if we could swim across without real danger of drowning.

Engelhart Askjellson said...

Assuming we're resume the running today,

I ask for the lantern (thrown?) and give a few careful steps into the landing.

A small conditional junction, but one that relies solely on something I must ask of you, Alexis: do Elves or Half-Orcs have infravision in your world?

If the answer is yes, I suppose I wait for either Lothar or Embla to take the point.

If the answer is no, I can stand to take a few more steps into the unknown and see what I can see (my absconding with the lantern past the bend not depriving the room of light).

Pandred said...

Pretty sure they do.

I'm very keen on hearing from Embla and her spear how deep this drop is.

I'm not very keen on trying to hop across slippery rocks in Plate if I can avoid it.

Lothar Svensson said...

I can confirm that Elves can see in the dark to 60 feet. Not that it's super critical, but could we use the boards that were blocking the entrance to the pool chamber to form a bridge across the stones?

Engelhart Askjellson said...

I'm still left here thinking that the whole cave never really exceeds the three-odd feet of depth, at least in proximity to where the stones break the water's surface.

I'll go ahead and scout past the bend a little bit anyway, since our fighting here will have made some unavoidable noise. Once I get a good view of our immediate environs, I'll defer to a sneakster who can go silently and make do without the blaring herald of a lamp signalling the party's arrival.