Wednesday, December 7, 2016


A short note.  I have created a clothing chart for determining your clothing comfort level in various weather.  You can find a copy of the chart on the Drive.

Also, could you please email me directly at, so I can have your email address, to give you access to the drive so that you can add files there yourself?  Please address any questions about the chart to this post.  I now return you to your campaign.


Lothar Svensson said...

Armor is going to get dangerous once the temperature starts climbing out of the 50s.

Rowan said...

Good! With my Thac0 of 20, the less armor they have, the better.

Of course, one fighter with some javelins and I'm done for, but that's what my meatshie- I mean, good friends are for!

Rowan said...

I'm going to ask here, though our search of the farmhouse is what got me thinking of it.

How do you want us adjudicating our CLO in game, and when can we expect damage to occur?

If we're assuming no notification is no change, I believe I'm due some damage, as I've been traveling with a CLO of 2.90, to say nothing of my double-damage while traveling in armor, an oversight on my part of grave proportions.

I vaguely recall the damage being representative of some relatively long period of time, but I'd hate to be unprepared facing the consequences of my carelessness.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Good question.

You're human, however, so as you get hot enough to take damage, you're going to naturally remove your outer wear, unless you want to be stubborn about it.

My intention is to assume characters are keeping their clothing level in the safe zone, recognizing that the chances of being jumped and ambushed are so low that it is SAFER to go without armor through the wilderness than to insist on wearing your hauberk even when it is uncomfortably warm to do so.

The real issue, I see, will be the need to drop back pack, then spend AP tearing off a coat or a cloak before entering combat ~ since it is those extra rounds in combat that really will exhaust hit points.

Now, tell me; you've been out for seven hours since Stavanger ~ are you really telling me that you won't remove your hauberk temporarily when you start to feel hot and uncomfortable climbing through a wild forest?

Rowan said...

Sweet deal, all concerns addressed, thanks!