Thursday, December 1, 2016

Engelhart Askjellson Character

This post is for Drain's male human cleric.

Please look at the creation I made for Rowan.  This will follow the same general pattern.  Adjusting for age Engelhart is +1 strength and +1 constitution for being mature.  Humans don't adjust for race.  This gives you:

Strength: 14
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 17
Constitution: 16 +2 hp/die
Dexterity: 12
Charisma: 12

As a cleric, you start with 1d8 for hit points.  At first level, this is always maximum, so you start with 8 hit points.  Your constitution makes this 10.  You weigh 171 lbs., so that gives you a d8 for mass hit points.  I rolled a 3, so adding all together, your cleric starts with 13 hit points.

Your maximum encumbrance is 141 lbs.  You do not suffer any movement penalty if you carry 57 lb. or less.

Natural armor class is 10.  Your THAC0 is 20.

Your next step is to choose your cleric spells.  You get three spells, which you can find on this table on the wiki.  Once you've chosen your spells, we'll move on from there.

Oh, your character was born in Stavanger.


Further details on your sloop.  It is sitting in Stavanger harbour, at present tied to your grandfather's dock.  25 feet long, carries 3 tons, requires 1 crew, has a cabin that will sleep 1 person, 2 uncomfortably, maximum speed 10 knots.  It is in a state of disrepair, but it will float and can be sailed.  It is only 42% of its full condition, however; using Stavanger prices, it needs 1,143 g.p. repairs.  If you wanted to sell it, you have an offer of 331 g.p. from the local shipbuilders' guild.

I don't think you'll be using intelligence as an option to other ability checks; it is your lowest stat.

At present, the only family members who can work for you are your sister and your grandfather ~ though they would both be willing.  They can both sail, but have no other special abilities.

Don't forget to add 150 to your starting experience.

The -1 modifier is to charisma checks when dealing with tradespersons: it would be effectively an 11 at these times.

Go ahead and buy on the Stavanger prices list.  You may put whatever amount of money you wish into the repairs of your sloop if you wish.  You should also know that it will degrade a further 19 g.p. per month, whether or not you use it, as this is the minimum maintenance it needs.  The repairs are effectively 58 months of the boat having no care taken for it whatsoever.


Drain said...

Alexis, don't take my silence for inactivity. I've poked around the wiki all morning looking to catch up with the basics.

I'll admit, your ruling of limiting the known spells to an immutable handful really had me thrown in a loop. Spent my morning time with coffee and good'ol'analysis paralysis.

Now in the afternoon I've been positively grappling with Blogger's account, trying to make it go (it won't).

Just keeping you posted, appreciate your patience.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Thanks for the reply. I was beginning to wonder.

Yep. You're going to have to get along on three spells, each of which can only be used once a day. It is going to mean your cleric CAN'T just hang in the back, healing. You're going to have to plan to get in there and fight, if you want x.p. You won't have enough other things to do to keep from twiddling your thumbs.

Drain said...

Twiddling and thumbs are no worries of mine. But I did have to get a read on the whole movement and charge rules to get a grip on things. Casting and discharging also struck me as important.

Well then, Blogger has failed me completely; the button for adding blogs that I wish to follow simply refuses to display.
What painfully obvious thing could I be missing?

I'm thinking of creating a Wordpress blog to cope, is this above board with you?

Alexis Smolensk said...

I don't think you'll be able to post on blogger with a wordpress nick.

For the time being, post as Drain. Gudbrand eventually figured it out.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Oh, it does say you can comment as a wordpress nick. Whatever works for you.

Darquevara said...

This is Alexis. Took me 4 minutes to make a new nick.

Darquevara said...

You have to:

1) Sign out of Google.

2) Press Create Blog.

3) Go through the process of making a new gmail account.

You don't have to make a blog after that. You will be able to post as your other nick. But you won't be able to be Drain and Englehart at the same time. You'll have to sign out of Engelhart to comment on other blogs as Drain.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your assistance. I'd just completed these very same steps before reading your helpful comments but, despite getting the alias as intended, still no follow button presented itself on the page that was supposed to display it.

This will do nicely, though, I'll keep checking manually, no trouble at all.

Engelhart Askjellson said...

Here we go, then:

Spells: Bless, Cure Light Wounds, Sanctuary.

Sage Field: Legends and Folklore
Sage Study: Beasts

Weapon Proficiencies: Maul, Hammer.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Good job of catching up, Engelhart. You'll find your sage abilities knowledge points on the Drive.

Let me add further information in the main post, above.

Maxwell Joslyn said...

Hey Engelhart, I really admire your commitment to full in-character dialogue. I am not a fan of it at a physical table since it usually turns into cheesy acting and it's not necessary for actually making decisions. But it's perfect for online play where things are a bit more measured-pace, and I think you are nailing the execution.