Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rowan Character

This post is for Arduin's male half-elven druid.

First things first: we need to adjust your scores for age and race.  Being 33, you'll add a point of strength and a point of constitution; your half-elf will lose a point of constitution but gain a point of dexterity.  This gives you:

Strength: 15
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 16
Constitution: 14
Dexterity: 14
Charisma: 16

As a druid, you get a d8 for hit points.  At first level, this is always the maximum, so you start with 8 hp.  You weigh 124 lbs., so that gives a d6 for your mass (see player character hit points under my wiki): I roll this.  I get a 4.  That starts you off with 12 hit points.

Your birthplace is Egersund, just 40 miles south of Stavanger, on the coast of Rogaland.

Your maximum encumbrance is 120 lbs.  You do not suffer any movement penalty if you carry 48 lbs or less.

Natural armor class is 10.  Your THAC0 is 20.

You're entitled to 3 1st level druid spells.  You can find the list on the wiki.  Look them over, ask any questions, pick three, let me know when you've done that.


Have a look at the Druid Sage Abilities.  You will need to pick a field and then a study in that field.  Druids only have three fields to choose from.  When you let me know, we'll calculate the knowledge points you have.


I have gone through and raised your in-field studies by the 2 point bonus that your tutorial background provided (your natural astronomy should be 14 ~ that's how you'll be sure of the latest totals).

Large creatures are anything over 350 lbs. in size.

If you're not familiar with healing salves, please check the wiki.

I would presume your conduct that got you banned from inns and taverns has something to do with your druidism (and not being protestant lutheran or some such); if you have another explanation, feel free to give it.

Remember that you have to be alone to surprise 3 in 6.

As yet, I have not imposed any travelling effects/damage, so you need not worry about walking and riding while armored - but that day is coming.

You have no constitution bonus, but you will still reduce frost and fire damage 1 point, one time per day.

The ability to "pacify" is in reference to my old card system, "conflict" ~ here, we'll say that you'll have an opportunity to get one last offer to parley before combat occurs, with a charisma check to see if it is considered (not necessarily respected, but at least considered).


Pandred said...

My spells will be Shillelagh, Entangle, and Animal Friends

Pandred said...

A sidenote, I have company for a few hours here, my replies will be less fast-and-furious than normal. There may be up to an hour or two in between.

I know it's chargen, and especially when equipment purchasing comes around that kind of delay might be expected, but I felt politeness and respect demanded I let you know.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I appreciate it, but it is no trouble. Lots to keep me busy and all will be managed when people get back to me on a hundred things.

Please look above to the post for the next step.

Pandred said...

With that in mind, I'll be choosing Earth & Sky as my field, with Natural Astronomy for my study.

Pandred said...

It may be getting ahead of myself, but for my two weapon proficiencies I'll take

Spear, and Club.

Alexis Smolensk said...

You can find your sage abilities on the google drive, Juvenis file:

I'm okay with you jumping ahead here and finding your proficiencies.

On the post above, I'll go through your background now.